André Kalden

André Kalden

Organizational Development - Interim Management - Executive Coaching

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Management consulting

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My career has been influenced to a large extent by encounters with people who invited me into their world – on my initiative or otherwise – so that we could work on something together. These were often worlds where no one else shared my background. It is precisely this that made the encounter meaningful and provided additional possibilities for the partnership.
At the same time, apart from my charitable and pro bono activities, my career has been characterized by clear connecting lines and recurring themes, such as information technology, organizational development, communication & quality management and management of teams & projects.

Circumstances that we may or may not create or perpetuate ourselves can sometimes make it difficult to meet (new) objectives as individual professional or as a team. In these cases small adjustments to cooperation on the work floor, improved communication and the application of a number of supporting instruments can make a world of difference. Also temporary provision of management resources and skills can be helpful to meet organizational objectives. I provide these services, initially via Kalden Projects (with a focus on ICT & Finance) and since 2012 increasingly via The Good Worker.
See for more information the website of The Good Worker.

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